What is ShaveSafe? And how does it work?

ShaveSafe is an antibacterial and disinfectant product range that removes the bacteria that cause itching, redness, bumps, ingrown hairs and all the other nuisances we commonly call beard problems.

When hair is removed with a razor, wax or epilator, the pores are opened up and the bacteria in the skin are given free access to bother and irritate the hair follicles. This creates an inflammatory condition, which appears as bumps and can close the pores, leading to ingrown hairs.

Therefore, it is important to keep the skin and razor bacteria-free so that the bacteria are not transferred to the next shave via the razor blade. ShaveSafe cleanses the skin and razor for optimal hygiene and helps you avoid bumps, itching and ingrown hairs.

Which ShaveSafe should I choose?

ShaveSafe for Normal Skin

If you haven't used ShaveSafe before, start with ShaveSafe shaving foam for normal skin.
Most people (about 4 out of 5) get the best results with this variant.

Read more about our guarantee here.

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ShaveSafe for Sensitive Skin

This ShaveSafe shaving foam is designed for sensitive skin. Although it is milder than ShaveSafe shaving foam for normal skin, it is just as effective against bacteria.
For some (about 1 in 5), this variant gives the best results.

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ShaveSafe Gel

ShaveSafe gel is for those who want a slightly thicker consistency than
ShaveSafe shaving foam, but the same antibacterial and disinfecting effect.

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Which ShaveSafe should I choose?

Is ShaveSafe suitable for all types of hair removal?

Yes, ShaveSafe can be used for ordinary shaving, trimming, epilating and waxing (for waxing, you simply wash the skin with ShaveSafe after and in-between treatments).

Can I use ShaveSafe if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, all ShaveSafe variants contain 0% perfume, parabens and colourings, making them all suitable for sensitive skin.

Is ShaveSafe suitable for use on all parts of the body?

Yes, ShaveSafe is designed to be used all over the body,
including the intimate area (external only).

ShaveSafe is a little thinner...

If shaving foam is too thick, it sticks to the razor head, transferring bacteria from shave to shave. That's why ShaveSafe (both normal and sensitive) is thinner than many other shaving foams. This keeps your blades clean and bacteria-free - and means you only need to change blades when they get dull, not every time they get dirty.

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