ShaveSafe’s story

The irritation that there was no mild but effective product to counteract bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving was the starting point for Nana's first product.

"I was surprised that there wasn't a product that could mildly treat and prevent the red bumps I got from shaving. Personally, I found it annoying that I had to make up away the bumps every time I was an underwear model. So I set out to find out what was causing the discomfort and in 2010 I set up a collaboration with a Danish pharmaceutical company."

Since 2011, when the first product first hit the market, things have gone from strength to strength and in 2012 ShaveSafe Sensitive was launched. ShaveSafe Sensitive is specifically designed for customers with more sensitive skin. In 2019 the range was extended with a Bikini Line Repair Cream,a ShaveSafe scraper and blades and in 2020 came the Afstershave Repair Balm, the new design and the new website.

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"Today, ShaveSafe has been featured in most women's magazines and by many major bloggers. 2012 was also the year Shavesafe was nominated in the category "Best New Product" at the Danish Grooming Award and in 2013 ShaveSafe won best test in iFORM. Besides of course being nominated is a great recognition it is also a great personal satisfaction to only help others

ShaveSafe’s story

2011 was a landmark year for Nana Rytter Nielsen. It was the year Nana completed the development of ShaveSafe, which was launched in March. The Danish market was overwhelmingly receptive to the product, which reinforced the originator's sense that there was a real need for it and further fueled her interest.

Since then, a full line of products has been developed, ranging from shavers, creams, gels and foams, and products for both men and women. 

ShaveSafe's mission and vision

ShaveSafe is an innovative and patented product that ensures you a good and safe shave without discomfort. The product has been developed by Nana Rytter Nielsen in collaboration with leading pharmacists in the field. It is also the reason why we dare to practice the principle of 100% satisfaction guarantee. ShaveSafe's values are based on reliability, hygiene and wellness for the benefit of you and your body. We therefore guarantee you perfect and soft skin without itching, red spots, beard pests, irritation and ingrown hairs. It is our mission to combat all discomforts that can arise from shaving, waxing or epilation of the body